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Takers – the final job

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Takers – The Final Job (Originaltitel: Takers) ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr von John Luessenhop. Der Film erzählt die Geschichte der. Best Online Casino De Anmeldungs Spiele Tipp24 De Lotto Liv nimmt einen Job in der Gerichtsmedizin. garantiert süchtig macht! Cast & Besetzung Liv. Takers – The Final Job (Originaltitel: Takers) ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr von John Film erzählt die Geschichte der. Takers – The Final Job: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Paul Walker in Taken – The Final Job aus von ©Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Gordon Jennings (Idris Elba) hat eine Crew um sich.

takers – the final job

Takers – The Final Job: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Takers – The Final Job (Originaltitel: Takers) ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr von John Luessenhop. Der Film erzählt die Geschichte der. Im höchsten Gremium des Landkreises sind nun alle Posten besetzt. In welcher Besetzung das Komitee in die neue.

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2020 Census Jobs - Be A Census Taker (Getting Started) In fairness, the fast action of the bulk of the movie shields the poor acting a bit, so the blow is blunted a bit. Runtime: min. To protect his brother-in-law from a drug lord, a former smuggler heads to Panama to score millions of dollars in counterfeit bills. Into the Blue The film moves along read article, even as we deal with a cringe-worthy first half, and when the actual robbery click to see more going, the fun starts. At no time in the movie did Click at this page feel like he was tough at all. Right there I was 4 episodenguide staffel lucifer, what if the news chopper decided not to be stupid?

I won't consider watching it again unless it's free on HBO and its a lazy jobless day. Though a slick and mostly kinetic heist flick, there is not a single frame of the entire running length that has not been borrowed from another, usually better, film.

I don't consider it a spoiler to reveal that the structure of the central robbery is identical to that of The Italian Job, down to the street- erupting armoured car interception and traffic light tampering.

You would think that with all the talent drifting through Hollywood that they could come up with an original caper at least.

Actually, never mind. Despite an utterly unoriginal premise, Takers remains quite entertaining for the first three quarters, running at a breezy pace with some flashy scuffles and gunfights.

It is in the final act things not only turn dumb but oddly depressing for what preceded it was essentially escapist fun.

The cast is a slap-dash of rappers and actors, the most notable of the former is obviously Chris Brown who got some bad press around the film's original release date when he got into a, cough, "argument" with singer Rihanna.

The standout by far is Idris Elba employing his natural British accent to smooth effect. Zoe Zaldana also pops up but has the definition of a nothing role.

She has all of two minutes screen time and a maximum of five lines, but hey, every movie needs a little eye-candy. Takers ramps into a robbery right off the start, finding a gang of savvy thieves including Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, Chris Brown, Michael Ealy and Idris Elba laying siege to a bank with a nifty escape plan.

They plan all of their heists thoroughly, always have an out and never pull off two jobs within the same year. The day of, a former partner of those known as Ghost another rapper, this time T.

He lets them into the loop on a "one time job" involving a rather large withdrawal from an armored truck. But with Det.

Jack Wells Matt Dillon and his partner Lt. Carver ironically the name of a character from The Wire still hot on their trail from the last robbery, they break their rules and things begin to go wrong.

This is only T. Unfortunately, his accented "gangsta" speak begins to wear towards the finale which when compounded with the endings other issues make for a forgettable prominent debut.

It is almost as if director John Lussenhop was trying to create a more sophisticated film than the material allowed.

Featuring plenty of gloss but little spark, Takers feels right at home in the dog days of summer. In hindsight this gang of bandits should have stolen themselves a better script instead of other films' ideas.

They'll take your money and run. If there were an "absurdist heist" Oscar, then Takers would take. Top it all off with a camera as jerky as the San Fran earthquake, and you have one failed caper.

Five very dapper gents, with appropriately mixed races, plan a very big heist involving armored cars and underground mechanics.

The trouble is, these notoriously meticulous thieves are pressed to pull off the job in five days. Not good for careful planners.

Of the things that go wrong, the only one I buy is the late arrival of a target because I've been in Los Angeles traffic, and not even a moving bank could make that congestion go away.

Regardless, Detective Jack Welles Matt Dillon will sacrifice even his relationship with his daughter to track down these miscreants.

Knowing the thespian-challenged Hayden Christensen is a star of Takers, and you dislike nervous MTV camera work, then you have an idea what a crime the film really is.

However Dillon is a treat to watch—-he has this world-weary cop down pat. Takers is not Stanley Kubrick's The Killing , where another five men plot a heist.

The only taking here is your ticket money. ElvenNights 29 August Loved it. This movie is a quintessential guy movie.

No wasted dialogue or subplots not directly related to the main plot. All comparisons to this work are nowhere close to what lies at the heart of this film.

If you want to complain about the Italian Job trick it's pointless because T. Needless to say it goes a bit differently.

This is a unique take on a classic premise. This film is all about the point of view it follows.

Guy goes to jail, doesn't turn on his friends, guy gets released, friends worry about future police contact and being seen with a marked man, things get sketchy.

These are very believable ideas and a fresh spin. Too many times in movies you're left thinking there is no way someone could pull that off and then things become silly.

Not here. If you feel the need to compare Takers to another film it's basically a sexed up hipper Heat a complement because it's another gritty believable crime drama.

Right down to the high rollers, armored truck, and black duffel bags used to carry the load. Only instead of Michael Sizemore making a run for it with a trunk load of dough you have bad boy Chris Brown showing off his dexterity as he tries to allude being captured.

If you know anything about film making, every director and writer gets influenced from previous works. The very first movies got influenced from great literary pieces.

So, to complain about similarities is ignorant. This isn't a synopsis so I won't waste your time summarizing the movie.

Highlights for me where it got stimulating and raw were the fight scene with Hayden Christensen laying down the law and the free running getaway chase scene with Chris Brown sic.

I'm a theatre arts senior so I can appreciate quality film making when I see it. Old school action without the seizure inducing over digitalizations.

I used to be a computer arts major. Boring, not to mention tedious no matter how fun it is to watch. Not needed here.

All biases aside, this was a great film. It's quick, witty, detailed, fashionable, and above all believable seemingly without trying.

For everyone complaining about T. For one, he basically is this character in real life so whatever he does is believable. Do you not know that he did just get out of prison for being set up by the FEDs for purchasing an arsenal.

This movie took some of the best young talent and gave them a script which brought out their better qualities. The ensemble was brilliant in it's own right.

What I liked the most about this film is that it's all substance and no meandering into pointless directions.

If anything it could have gone into even more background information about the characters. The fact is, it doesn't have to.

This is the world that is created where everyone is on a need to know basis, even the audience. We get all of the meat with very little fat.

If you don't like this movie you must have an aversion to action movies and or be really feminine. If you're a guy and don't absolutely dig this flick, I'm pulling your man card.

Takers offers decent special effects that you could of seen back in Also it offers you multiple story lines that were rushed and did not have any relevance to the movie.

There is no "thrill" to this movie at all. Matt Dillion and Paul Welker made a bad choice trying to make a comeback with this movie.

Jay Hernandez's death scene was ultra- cheesy and made me want to leave. Chris Brown's action scenes were totally predictable and you could tell there is a stunt man.

Overall the plot was way rushed and did not develop what so ever and kept jumping around from story to story and I recommend you just wait till you can rent it on DVD if you really want to see it.

Hellmant 30 August Brown and T. Also executive produced the film. The movie is a pretty routine cops and robbers film, sort of a second rate 'HEIST', but it's also surprisingly entertaining!

The film follows a team of five expert and professional bank robbers Elba, Walker, Christensen, Brown and Ealy as they team up with an ex-partner of theirs T.

The movie also focuses on an obsessed cop Dillon hot on their trail and his seemingly more 'by the book' partner Hernandez.

Drama ensues as the 'loose canon' cop neglects his young daughter and the bank robbers feel friction and mistrust for their ex-partner.

There's also a side story revolving around the crooks leader Elba and his drug addicted sister played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

For the most part the characters are underdeveloped and what is developed isn't something we haven't seen hundreds of times before but the cast adds a lot of character and charm to their roles.

Each actor is cast perfectly in his or her part although the female parts are pretty small ; Dillon and Elba are always at their best but actors like Walker and Christensen are actually given a brief chance to shine in movies like this.

The action scenes are also stunning. The two heists are extremely impressive and there's a breathtaking foot chase scene!

The movie is surprisingly entertaining. I went into the movie expecting to be mildly amused but I was hooked for the most part, largely due to the cast and action.

Take every idiotic chase, every idiotic character stereotype crooked cop, rule-bending heroic cop partner, recovering drug addict, Russian mobsters, released convict seeking payback from those who let him go to jail etc etc etc , every idiotic and nonsensical plot line, and every idiotic shoot- em-up scene in every idiotic action movie ever made, roll them all up into one, and you get "Takers", probably the worst movie of the worst genre ever invented.

Matt Dillon should be ashamed. Idris Elba should be ashamed. And I am ashamed for wasting two precious hours of my life watching this trash.

Consider yourself warned. Let me start by saying I am a movie buff. Takers is a good movie. The movie is basically about some guys who are professional bank robbers.

Pretty basic movie to follow. Nothing deep or thought provoking like inception. Just a good old fashion bank robbery story.

But this is a review so let me start with the bad parts. Not a lot of character development. While we are introduced to the characters this movie doesn't spend an hour telling you about the characters backgrounds or doing the cheezy flashbacks to when Ghost T.

Did not really understand why Ghost T. I wanted to set up the whole crew when a. Other than those 2 points I didn't see anything worth mentioning.

I am not one of those people who complain about the camera controls or the lighting. Okay now one to the good parts: 1. Very entertaining.

I Ghost has a very big ending where he is great. Action Action Action. While I know this story has been done a few times this summer in their defense this movie was slated to come out to come out last year but T.

I went to jail so it was pushed back a year. So I can't fault them for that. The action was great. Just great. Lack of character development.

I hate movies that spend 1hr over explaining things. Action movies are about actions. If I want deep character development I will go watch a chic flick.

So while I think more character development could have been done, I am happy it wasn't to some extent.

The cast was amazing. No one dropped the ball. So in short The chase scenes and shootings are exciting but other than that the plot goes nowhere due to some very bad writing.

Yes, the theory goes that there is no honor among thieves, but this overly violent film is just too much to take.

There is so much double crossing here that I don't know where to start. Matt Dillon, a very good actor, plays a cop here who discovers that his partner has stolen money.

In chasing thieves, Dillon takes his young daughter along. Why didn't he at least drop her off? Hell hath no fury as when the Russian mob is scorned and they plot revenge.

No one can be trusted in this film and with the writing the way it is, that is so true. J Hayden Christensen. Gleichzeitig kommt auch Welles am Flughafen an.

Es kommt zu einem Feuergefecht, bei dem Welles und Gordon verletzt werden. September und endeten am November August seine Premiere in Hollywood.

August war der Film in Kanada zu sehen. Oktober an. Oktober Die deutsche Synchronbearbeitung entstand bei Berliner Synchron in Berlin.

Der Film wurde mit dem California on Location Award ausgezeichnet. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Deutscher Titel. Takers — The Final Job. FSK 16 [1]. John Luessenhop.

Paul Haslinger. Michael Barrett. Armen Minasian Colby Parker, Jr. Steve Harris. A group of divers find themselves in deep trouble with a drug lord after they come upon the illicit cargo of a sunken airplane.

An undercover Detroit cop navigates a dangerous neighborhood that's surrounded by a containment wall with the help of an ex-con in order to bring down a crime lord and his plot to devastate the entire city.

A father's eight year old son is murdered in a gangland shooting. The father Boris Kodjoe gets himself thrown into prison to avenge his son's death.

A DEA agent provides former Marine Tim Kearney with a way out of his prison sentence: impersonate Bobby Z, a recently deceased drug dealer, in a hostage switch with a crime lord.

The attempted assassination of the American President is told and re-told from several different perspectives.

To protect his brother-in-law from a drug lord, a former smuggler heads to Panama to score millions of dollars in counterfeit bills.

Hayden Christensen , and brothers Jake Michael Ealy and Jesse Chris Brown Attica successfully complete their latest heist and lead a life of luxury while planning their next job.

When Ghost Tip T. As the "takers" carefully plot their strategy and draw nearer to exacting the grand heist, a reckless police officer Matt Dillon inches closer to apprehending the criminals.

Written by The Massie Twins. Actually, a sub-par heist movie, but entertaining enough. I found the first heist more enjoyable to watch than the second which held no surprises for me.

The first pokes fun at local television crew types which the writers apparently find predictable, stupid and gullible.

The plot and characters are not memorable, but as I said entertaining. What really impressed me about the film was the use of Parkour by the Chris Brown character.

They brought it down from the rooftops of Europe down to the busy streets of Los Angeles. This free running art was used to go through a subway station, a park, a commercial building and through moving traffic.

To me Parkour is much more exciting than a car chase. The one unbelievable part was that the the two cops, played by Dillon and Hernandez, could keep up the chase without being trained in the art.

It was not the best Parkour I have seen in a movie, but I applaud the effort and it made watching the film worth it and for a while suspenseful.

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