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Die Ermordung des Jesse James durch den Feigling Robert Ford (). Todeszug nach Yuma (). Django Unchained (). Das finstere Tal (). The Hateful Eight ().

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Django Unchained (). Hier dreht sich alles um den Western-Film! Wir haben für euch die 10 erfolgreichsten Western und zusätzlich machen wir einen Ritt durch die Geschichte des. Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im DVD & Blu-ray Shop. They encounter some opposition. Fort Bridger More info Laramie. Sabata Yul Brynner called "Indio Black" in the Italian version helps Mexican revolutionaries steal a wagon load of gold. Finally passing out from the heat and blood loss, he lays prone beim ersten mal Charles Dump Mario Adorfa loner living in the shell of entfГјhrt elias abandoned mining camp, finds him passed out in the middle of. And Now Western comedy featuring Walter Chiari. One Against One

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Based on a story by Adriano Bolzoni and Franco Rossetti. Tom Corbett Franco Nero is called home by a mysterious message and finds his home taken over by big landowner Scott Giuseppe Addobbati and his psychotic son Junior Nino Castelnuovo.

However, Tom's drunken brother Jeff George Hilton is anxious for him to leave immediately. Johnny Yuma Romolo Guerrieri.

Samantha Felton Rosalba Neri and her brother Luigi Vannucchi kill her wealthy husband and plot the death of his nephew and heir to his fortune, gunfighter Johnny Yuma Mark Damon.

Western comedy featuring Lando Buzzanca and Raimondo Vianello. Los cuatro salvajes Mario Caiano. Jane hires bounty hunter Arizona Colt Giuliano Gemma to get the killer.

Since she cannot afford the fee demanded by Arizona, she agrees to spend a night with him. Donald Sorenson Richard Harrison one by one kills the respectable citizens responsible for the murder of his parents and brother.

Bounty killer Regan Anthony Steffen is sent to investigate whether the supposedly dead bank robber Jim Norton Frank Wolff is in fact living in Montana posing as his twin brother.

Regan takes on the identity of a new sheriff that has been killed before arrival. Both men get involved in a struggle between farmers and cattle breeders.

The Trap Sidney Hayers. Pink , Rudolf Zehetgruber. Ex- Confederate soldier Gary Hammond Giuliano Gemma accepts a mission to stop his former comrades-in-arms from a suicide attack by disclosing the treason of their commander Jacques Sernas.

A rancher is murdered and five of his friends, led by Tex Guy Madison , help his widow get revenge on the killers, who are her cousins!

Sugar Colt Franco Giraldi. Rocco Hunt Powers — also called the man with two faces — goes to Snake Valley disguised as a doctor in order to investigate the disappearance of some soldiers.

El Cisco Sergio Bergonzelli. Cisco William Berger is framed for a bank robbery. He escapes from his own hanging and goes to clear his name and find the real culprits, who turn out to be town boss Big Burt Tom Felleghy and the bandit Cascaron George Wang.

Thompson Guido Zurli. Glenn Glenn Saxson kills a bounty hunter who has killed his father, and then takes his father's body into town to collect the bounty.

When he also claims his inheritance, he finds adversaries as well as assistants. Fortunately for her , her new farm hand turns out to be a notorious gunfighter Robert Mark hiding from his reputation under another name.

Unaware that Gomez has become a hardened criminal, Eden Ilya Karin and the other townspeople attempt to hide him from his pursuer. After his tribe is massacred, a lone surviving Navajo Burt Reynolds pursues the outlaw gang responsible.

Damiano Damiani. Johnny Liston Anthony Steffen returns home after serving a prison sentence for a murder he didn't commit.

Italian Production. The film features a brilliant climax with "the Trio. A gunfighter, known only as "The Stranger" Tony Anthony , seeks revenge against the local crime boss who double-crossed him in a deal.

Django, Kill If You Live, Shoot! The Mexicans are then gunned down but two Indians help the hero to recover. He catches up and out-guns Oaks in a town where the citizens already have lynched Oak's men.

An ex- Confederate officer Joseph Cotten and his sons rob a gold transport in order to revive the Confederacy. They try to smuggle the loot through Union territory in a coffin and blackmail a gambler Norma Bengell to act as the widow.

Ted Barnett Giuliano Gemma escapes from prison to prove his innocence, which entails a careful game of cunning. In the end, the couple leave together, while their families kill each other in a big showdown.

An unknown man in a mask of death completes the massacre. Based on William Shakespeare 's play Romeo and Juliet. Up the MacGregors!

Sequel to Seven Guns for the MacGregors. Eventually he joins Vasquez in stage coach robbery, with tragic consequences.

Julio Buchs. Requiescant Carlo Lizzani. After surviving his family's massacre, a young boy Lou Castel is taken in and raised by a preacher.

Years later, he comes face to face with the man that killed his family. Wanted Giorgio Ferroni. Sheriff Gary Ryan Giuliano Gemma is unjustly accused of murder and must clear his name while being hunted as an outlaw.

Two bounty hunters Edd Byrnes and Luisa Baratto infiltrate a gang of Confederate renegades looking for a hidden war chest.

Killer Caliber. Wanted Johnny Texas Emimmo Salvi. Adios, Hombre Mario Caiano. After losing his money at cards, Lucas George Eastman gets entangled in some schemes concerning counterfeit money.

Lawrence White Stephen Forsyth returns to his hometown and reopens the investigation into the murder of his father. Kitosch George Hilton is branded by his ranch boss Eduardo Fajardo after becoming too close with the latter's wife Pamela Tudor.

Kitosch escapes and joins up with gunfighter Tracy Frank Wolff but is eventually repelled by Tracy's violent methods.

Cjamango Edoardo Mulargia. He gets some help from Clinton Mickey Hargitay who claims to be a whisky salesman. Several musical numbers included.

A former sheriff Thomas Hunter , a martial arts expert James Shigeta and a magician Nadir Moretti seek the inheritance of their common father.

In the process, they must fight a local boss who imitates the lifestyle of Julius Caesar Enrico Maria Salerno. The mysterious gunfighter Tony Anthony and a local preacher Marco Guglielmi track down an outlaw gang that has robbed a stagecoach made of solid gold.

Bill Meceita John Phillip Law tries to team up with an ex-outlaw Lee Van Cleef to go after the outlaws who murdered his family when he was a child.

A bank employee Edd Byrnes , a Mexican bandit Gilbert Roland , a bounty hunter George Hilton and several other parties double-cross each other over a stolen shipment of gold.

Killer Kid Leopoldo Savona. Posing as an outlaw, a US Army officer Anthony Steffen is sent to stop gun-running across the border.

He gets involved with Mexican revolutionaries, especially Mercedes Liz Barret. The outlaw Steve Andrea Giordana takes the uniform of a dead officer and pretends to be the returning son of a blind man.

He helps an outlaw gang capture a money transport from the army and escapes with the loot, but is caught, beaten and left for dead.

The bandits kill his "father" and rapes his love interest Rosemary Dexter. He avenges their deeds with the help of a con-man Aldo Berti.

During a train robbery, master gunfighter Richard Martin Enrico Maria Salerno has his hands destroyed in a gunfight with his former pupil Bill Cane Venantino Venantini.

To avenge himself on Kane, Martin trains a stranger called Ricky Shot Terry Jenkins , but the latter has his own agenda.

Lola Colt Siro Marcellini. The gang of Jarrett Walter Barnes robs a bank and then takes control of the small town of Poorlands, where they kill the sheriff.

Jarrett's plans are secretly obstructed on the one hand by El Santo Jack Betts , one of his own men, and on the other by Billy "Rhum" George Hilton , the sheriff's brother, who seems to be locked up in the town jail.

God Forgives I Don't! The film is the first in a trilogy continued with Ace High and Boot Hill. Based on the story of Don Juan.

Bang Bang Kid Luciano Lelli. As the Confederate administration is falling apart, the bounty cannot be paid. Instead, Johnny joins Clint to search for a hidden treasure of gold, with tragic consequences.

Don't Wait Django Edoardo Mulargia. Several parties fight and betray each other over a stolen transport of gold. When bandits steal a safe full of gold, its key gets into the hands of small-time thieves Gringo Anthony Steffen and Lucas Enrico Maria Salerno.

If You Want to Live Sergio Garrone. The gold miner Johnny Dall Ivan Rassimov escapes a set up by Stack Giovanni Cianfriglia , who distributes fake wanted posters for him, attracting the attention of bounty killer Donovan Riccardo Garrone , while Johnny gets involved in a fight between a rancher and a city boss.

Ferdinando Baldi. The wife of Django Terence Hill is killed when the transport of gold he's guarding is attacked by the men of his "friend" David Barry Horst Frank.

He becomes a hangman, who spares the lives of the condemned victims of Barry's conspiracies and organizes them into a band to help him disclose Barry.

Sam Cooper's Van Heflin partner tries to kill him over their gold strike, but Sam kills him instead. He sends for his former partner Manolo Sanchez George Hilton to work the mine.

As the latter is joined by the sinister looking Brent The Blonde Klaus Kinski , Sam brings in his former friend, later adversary, Mason Gilbert Roland for his protection.

Eventually Johnny finds out that the guilty party is Clyde, who has taken the money, and is in cahoots with Santana, who is still alive.

Based on William Shakespeare 's Hamlet. On his release from prison, Bill Kiowa Brett Halsey gathers a group of gunfighters to avenge himself on bandit Elfego Tatsuya Nakadai , who was the one who framed him and also killed his wife.

Billy Joe Cudlip Lee Van Cleef becomes a sheriff in order to steal a silver shipment, but circumstances make him act his position. God Made Them Paolo Bianchini.

Elegantly dressed gunfighter Slim Corbett Dean Reed is hired by the city fathers to clear up a bank robbery.

He is framed for a murder, but with the help of a local Mexican sidekick he is able to disclose that the sheriff and a rich landowner are the culprits.

Story is based on the Greek myth of Fedra. Demofilo Fidani. Spur des Falken Gottfried Kolditz. When he is accused of crimes committed during the war and finds his wife married to another man, he is offered help by Judge Kellogg William Berger , but can Kellogg be trusted?

Gunfighters Lord George Hilton and Bull Walter Barnes intervene to help a crippled young woman Loni von Friedl who is terrorized by an evil town boss out for a hidden fortune.

But there is more to this than meets the eye! Uno dopo l'altro Nick Nostro. May God Forgive You An inordinate number of people are killed as two bankers, a Mexican landowner Fernando Sancho , a vicious outlaw leader William Berger and other parties vie for an elusive shipment of gold.

Finally, it falls into the hands of the mysterious Sartana Gianni Garko. Execution Domenico Paolella. Harry Mario Adorf is a gullible gold miner who gets involved with Billy Giuliano Gemma , a con man and a womaniser.

They try several unsuccessful schemes to get rich. Billy turns out to be a famous gunfighter hunted by the vengeful Pratt Federico Boido.

Mario Amendola. Partly based on Masaki Kobayashi 's film Harakiri. One Against One Run, Man, Run! In this sequel to The Big Gundown , Tomas Milian reprises his role as Mexican bandit Cuchillo Sanchez who competes with various gunfighters, mercenaries, bounty hunters and outlaws to find a fortune in gold once belonging to Mexican revolutionaries.

Shoot, Gringo Giuliano Carnimeo. An ex- Confederate soldier, Joe Collins Jeffrey Hunter , finds redemption when he defends a woman Pascale Petit and her gold mine from a gang of outlaws.

A hunting party of European aristocrats trespasses into Apache territory with dire consequences. Shalako Sean Connery has a hard time rescuing survivors but he does win the favor of a countess Brigitte Bardot.

Ciccio Forgives, I Don't! Io no! Marcello Ciorciolini. Italian Western comedy. The title is a paraphrase of God Forgives An outlaw Anthony Quinn seeking sanctuary is brought by a priest to the small village San Sebastian.

When the priest is killed, the townspeople mistakenly believe that the outlaw is the priest. And Now They catch up with him and agree to help him get revenge against his old partners who betrayed him.

This is a direct sequel to God Forgives A mute gunfighter Jean-Louis Trintignant faces a group of outlaws pursued by bounty killers while stranded in the Great Blizzard of If One Is Born a Swine Rafael Romero Marchent.

As bounty hunting partners Fred Anthony Steffen and Johnny Mark Damon try to make a living, they disturb the machinations of the local boss.

A drifter Charles Bronson with a score to settle and an outlaw Jason Robards join forces against a vicious gunman Henry Fonda hired by the railroad to run a woman Claudia Cardinale off her home.

Johnny Moon William Shatner is frequently mistaken for his twin brother, who leads Comanche raids. Johnny challenges him to a fight to the death and also gets involved in conflicts in a Western town.

Death on High Mountain Fernando Cerchio. Shadow of Sartana The Randall brothers kill a judge by throwing a knife from a church tower and commit other hideous crimes.

The authorities see no other solution but to send for Sartana Jeff Cameron , who "only kills to protect from thieves, gunmen and murderers" which he does for the remainder of the movie.

She is nursed to health by outlaw Black Talisman John Ericson , who sets out to clear her name. Quintana vincenzo Musolini.

Garringo Rafael Romero Marchent. How hard can it be? Gianfranco Parolini. He returns the loot but proceeds to blackmail the instigators, landowner Stengel Franco Ressel and his associates.

Gunfighter Banjo William Berger plays both sides. A mercenary Peter Graves gathers a small group of bandits to rob a train carrying a large gold shipment being guarded by the Mexican Army.

Co-written by Dario Argento and Marc Richards. Sebastian Leonard Mann learns that he is the son of a Mexican officer who was murdered by his wife Luciana Paluzzi and her lover Alberto de Mendoza.

Based on the Greek myth of Orestes. After thirteen years, Django Anthony Steffen returns for vengeance against the three officers who betrayed his unit and caused its massacre during the Civil War.

He puts crosses with each traitor's name on them in the middle of the street before killing them, and no one is sure whether Django is flesh and blood or an avenging spirit.

Bounty killer Sartana Gianni Garko has a price put on his head when someone disguised as him leads a bank robbery. He sets out to find the real robbers, but must also fight off other bounty killers.

Renowned gunfighter Bret Dixon Johnny Hallyday returns to his hometown when his brother is killed by a lynch mob. Army deserter John Warner George Hilton forms an outlaw band, and eventually gets even with landowner Sandoval Ernest Borgnine , who is responsible for the death of Warner's child with Sandoval's daughter.

An Anglo-only story of a rancher who gets into trouble with an outlaw gang brought in to stop the construction of a railroad. In a story closely resembling the JFK assassination , Bill Willer Giuliano Gemma seeks evidence to bring to justice those who assassinated the president and who also killed Bill's father.

He crosses paths with presidential aide MacDonald Warren Vanders , who wants to use that evidence for political purposes.

Former partners Cat Terence Hill and Hutch Bud Spencer reunite and join with former gunfighter Thomas Woody Strode and his circus colleagues to help a mining community threatened by a mining boss and his hired guns.

This film is a direct sequel to Ace High. Amnesiac Chuck Moll Leonard Mann escapes from an asylum and arrives to a town where everybody seems to be afraid of him.

The innocent brother of Django Tony Kendall is lynched. At first Django suspects Sartana George Ardisson , but after a fight they join forces to root out the real villain, a banker.

Gary Hamilton Klaus Kinski takes revenge on the men that framed him. Django e Sartana all'ultimo sangue Demofilo Fidani.

La diligencia de los condenados Juan Bosch. The gang of Sartana Fernando Sancho holds some stage passengers prisoner at a relay station.

They learn too late that the station master Richard Harrison is a former gunfighter. Based on a novel by Lou Carrigan.

Sartana's Here Bounty hunter Sartana George Hilton discovers that town boss Spencer Piero Lulli collects the miner's gold, and then stashes it away for himself and has bandits "rob" the transports.

Several other parties are also interested in that gold, among them gunfighter Sorrow Charles Southwood.

However, both parties have hidden agendas. Danish production. Featuring Danish comedian Dirch Passer. Followed by Gold for the Tough Guys of the Prairie.

Un par de asesinos Rafael Romero Marchent. There is actually no character called Sartana in this story of several parties fighting, and dying, over robbery loot.

Sabata Yul Brynner called "Indio Black" in the Italian version helps Mexican revolutionaries steal a wagon load of gold. Have a Good Funeral, My Friend A prospector is murdered and Sartana Gianni Garko , who witnessed the murder and killed the killers, protects his niece and heir Daniela Giordano from those that want to take advantage of her West German production.

A man called 'Kid' Marquard Bohm wanders through the desert exhausted, he carries a suitcase. His arm is bleeding from a gunshot. Finally passing out from the heat and blood loss, he lays prone until Charles Dump Mario Adorf , a loner living in the shell of an abandoned mining camp, finds him passed out in the middle of nowhere.

Dump checks the man's luggage and finds it filled with millions of dollars Cesare Canevari.

Some outlaws hang around in a ghost town. Then arrives a stranger Lou Castel armed with boomerangs. Outlaw Luther Sledge James Garner is enlisted to steal a gold shipment held in a prison.

Django and Sartana Are Coming Robber Burt Kelly Gordon Mitchell holds a young girl hostage, while he stays in a shack in the wilderness playing cards with his own mirror image.

Bounty killer Django Chet Davies and independent crime-fighter Sartana Hunt Powers both go after him and take turns saving each other's lives.

In the end, Sartana leaves all the bodies to Django to collect for bounty. I cadaveri non fanno ombra! Wanted Sabata Roberto Mauri.

Hired by land owners to kill a labor organizer during a strike among agricultural workers, Marco Terence Hill begins to question his mission.

The story takes place in an unspecified Spanish-speaking country. None of the characters is called Trinity.

Army deserter Kaleb Bekim Fehmiu is set to train and lead an ad hoc group of military specialists on an irregular raid against an Apache camp across the Mexican border.

Joe Clifford Anthony Steffen , a traveling actor and part-time hired gunman, inherits a gold mine from his uncle.

Arms dealer Yolaf Peterson Franco Nero and a Mexican bandit-revolutionary Tomas Milian are forced into partnership to free an idealistic revolutionary leader who knows the combination to a safe.

They are hunted by Peterson's former business partner Jack Palance. Hey Amigo! A very influential comedy-western, where an outlaw Bud Spencer masquerading as a sheriff finds his plans upset by the arrival of his brother Terence Hill , a wandering drifter.

Light the Fuse Un grido di morte During a shoot-out, a large sum of gold disappears and is hidden somewhere in the town of Mansfield.

In the hunt for this treasure, many people kill each other, and the last man standing is Sartana Gianni Garko. Kill Django Vamos a matar Gino Mangini.

Jack Forest Donal O'Brien is out to get the men who killed his father. Those men — a banker, a sheriff and a saloon owner — employ gunfighter Chris Gordon Mitchell to protect them.

Bad move, as he turns out to be Jack's brother. Dig Your Grave Friend Juan Bosch. A young man Richard Harrison decides to avenge the death of his father at the hands of a local land baron.

Enlisting the aid of a notorious, yet good-natured, bandit Fernando Sancho , they are faced with the land baron's hired gun, Sabata.

Mi chiamano Alleluja Giuliano Carnimeo. During the struggle against Maximilian I of Mexico , several parties vie for an elusive shipment of diamonds.

He is aided by a fellow gunfighter Gengher Gatti and a bank employee John Desmont to help rescue his girl and recover the money.

In retaliation, King's brother is killed and his sister-in-law is raped. Osceola Konrad Petzold.

Carranza Fernando Sancho , another Wells Fargo man, tries to beat him to it. Jim Bridger Leonard Mann kills Indians to avenge his family.

When he learns that the real culprit is Judge Perkins Ivan Rassimov he joins Perkin's organization in order to destroy him.

The result was The Paleface which features a cowardly hero known as "Painless" Peter Potter Bob Hope , an inept dentist who often entertains the notion that he's a crack sharpshooter and accomplished Indian fighter".

Also known as Neo-Westerns, these films have contemporary U. For the most part, they still take place in the American West and reveal the progression of the Old West mentality into the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

This subgenre often features Old West-type characters struggling with displacement in a "civilized" world that rejects their outdated brand of justice.

Taylor Sheridan 's filmography can be used as a template to identify what it means to be a neo-western film , [25] with three identifying themes.

First is the lack of rules, with morals guided by the character's or audience's instincts of right and wrong rather than by governance. The second is characters searching for justice.

The third theme, characters feeling remorse, connects the neo-western film to the broader Western genre , reinforcing a universal theme that consequences come with actions.

Pakula 's Comes a Horseman ; J. Likewise, the television series Breaking Bad , which takes place in modern times, features many examples of Western archetypes.

According to creator Vince Gilligan , "After the first Breaking Bad episode, it started to dawn on me that we could be making a contemporary western.

So you see scenes that are like gunfighters squaring off, like Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef —we have Walt and others like that.

The precursor to these [ citation needed ] was the radio series Tales of the Texas Rangers — , with Joel McCrea , a contemporary detective drama set in Texas, featuring many of the characteristics of traditional Westerns.

Zachariah featured appearances and music supplied by rock groups from the s, including the James Gang [27] and Country Joe and the Fish as "The Cracker Band.

The epic Western is a subgenre of the Western that emphasizes the story of the American Old West on a grand scale. One of the grandest films in this genre is Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West , which shows many operatic conflicts centered on control of a town while utilizing wide scale shots on Monument Valley locations against a broad running time.

Euro-Westerns are Western genre films made in Western Europe. The term can sometimes, but not necessarily, include the Spaghetti Western subgenre see below.

Several Euro-Western films, nicknamed Sauerkraut Westerns [29] because they were made in Germany and shot in Yugoslavia , were derived from stories by novelist Karl May and were film adaptations of May's work.

Fantasy Westerns mixed in fantasy settings and themes, and may include fantasy mythology as background. An example is Distant Drums starring Gary Cooper.

A developing subgenre, [ citation needed ] with roots in films such as Curse of the Undead and Billy the Kid vs. Dracula , which depicts the legendary outlaw Billy the Kid fighting against the notorious vampire.

Undead Nightmare , an expansion to Red Dead Redemption is an example of a video game in this genre, telling the tale of a zombie outbreak in the Old West.

Bone Tomahawk one of the most recent entries in the genre received wide critical acclaim for its chilling tale of cannibalism but, like many other movies in the genre, it wasn't a commercial success.

Thazhvaram , the Malayalam film directed by Bharathan and written by noted writer M. Vasudevan Nair , perhaps most resembles the Spaghetti Westerns in terms of production and cinematic techniques.

Kodama Simham , a Telugu action film starring Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu was one more addition to the Indo Western genre and fared well at the box office.

Takkari Donga , starring Telugu Maheshbabu, was applauded by critics but an average runner at box office. Quick Gun Murugun , an Indian comedy film which spoofs Indian Western movies, is based on a character created for television promos at the time of the launch of the music network Channel [V] in , which had cult following.

While many of these mash-ups e. Osterns , also known as "Red Western"s, are produced in Eastern Europe. They were popular in Communist Eastern European countries and were a particular favorite of Joseph Stalin , and usually portrayed the American Indians sympathetically, as oppressed people fighting for their rights, in contrast to American Westerns of the time, which frequently portrayed the Indians as villains.

Osterns frequently featured Gypsies or Turkic people in the role of the Indians, due to the shortage of authentic Indians in Eastern Europe.

He became honorary chief of the Sioux tribe, when he visited the United States in the s and the television crew accompanying him showed the tribe one of his films.

American actor and singer Dean Reed , an expatriate who lived in East Germany , also starred in several Ostern films. The most rare of the Western subgenres, pornographic Westerns use the Old West as a background for stories primarily focused on erotica.

Sweet Savage starred Aldo Ray , a veteran actor who had appeared in traditional Westerns, in a non-sex role. Among videogames, Custer's Revenge is an infamous example, considered to be one of the worst video games of all time.

First used in the publicity of the film Tampopo. The term is used to describe Western style films set in Asia. After the early s, many American filmmakers began to question and change many traditional elements of Westerns, and to make Revisionist Westerns that encouraged audiences to question the simple hero-versus-villain dualism and the morality of using violence to test one's character or to prove oneself right.

One major revision was the increasingly positive representation of Native Americans , who had been treated as "savages" in earlier films.

A few earlier Revisionist Westerns gave women more powerful roles, such as Westward the Women starring Robert Taylor.

Another earlier work encompassed all these features, The Last Wagon In it, Richard Widmark played a white man raised by Comanches and persecuted by whites , with Felicia Farr and Susan Kohner playing young women forced into leadership roles.

The science fiction Western places science fiction elements within a traditional Western setting. John Jakes 's "Six Gun Planet" takes place on a future planet colonized by people consciously seeking to recreate the Old West with cowboys riding robot horses Fallout: New Vegas is an example of a video game that follows this format, with futuristic technology and genetic mutations placed among the Western themes and desert sprawl of the Mojave Wasteland.

The Space Western or Space Frontier is a subgenre of science fiction which uses the themes and tropes of Westerns within science fiction stories.

Subtle influences may include exploration of lawless frontiers in deep space , while more overt influences may feature literal cowboys in outer space who use ray guns and ride robotic horses.

Another example is the Japanese anime series Cowboy Bebop. The classic Western genre has also been a major influence on science fiction films such as the original Star Wars movie of , with 's Solo: A Star Wars Story and 's Star Wars: The Mandalorian more directly featuring Western tropes.

During the s and s, a revival of the Western emerged in Italy with the " Spaghetti Westerns " also known as "Italo-Westerns".

Spaghetti Westerns were characterized by the presence of more action and violence than the Hollywood Westerns.

Also, the protagonists usually acted out of more selfish motives money or revenge being the most common than in the classical Westerns.

The Western films directed by Sergio Leone were felt by some to have a different tone than the Hollywood Westerns.

Eastwood, previously the lead in the television series Rawhide , unexpectedly found himself catapulted into the forefront of the film industry by Leone's A Fistful of Dollars the first in the Dollars Trilogy.

The Snow Western subgenre is a Western based during midwinter to late winter, and set in the continental United States.

It is a more rare Western, as most focus during warm weather or areas where it doesn't snow. The Weird Western subgenre blends elements of a classic Western with other elements.

The Wild Wild West television series, television movies, and film adaptation blend the Western with steampunk.

The Jonah Hex franchise also blends the Western with superhero elements. The film Western Religion , by writer and director James O'Brien , introduces the devil into a traditional wild west setting.

The Old Man Logan graphic novel combines the elements of superhero and post-apocalyptic fiction with Western. The Tracker is a archetypal of this form of Australian Western, with signature scenes of harsh desert environments, and exploration of the themes of rough justice, colonial exploitation and the thirst for justice at all costs.

Others in this category include The Proposition and Sweet Country. Mystery Road is an example of a modern Australian western, and Mad Max has inspired many futurist dystopian examples of the Australian western such as The Rover.

In the s academic and critical attention to cinema as a legitimate art form emerged. With the increased attention, film theory was developed to attempt to understand the significance of film.

From this environment emerged in conjunction with the literary movement an enclave of critical studies called genre studies.

This was primarily a semantic and structuralist approach to understanding how similar films convey meaning. One of the results of genre studies is that some [ who?

For example, a very typical Western plot is that an eastern lawman heads west, where he matches wits and trades bullets with a gang of outlaws and thugs, and is aided by a local lawman who is well-meaning but largely ineffective until a critical moment when he redeems himself by saving the hero's life.

This description can be used to describe any number of Westerns, but also other films such as Die Hard itself a loose reworking of High Noon and Akira Kurosawa 's Seven Samurai , which are frequently cited examples of films that do not take place in the American West but have many themes and characteristics common to Westerns.

Likewise, films set in the American Old West may not necessarily be considered "Westerns. Being period drama pieces, both the Western and samurai genre influenced each other in style and themes throughout the years.

Despite the Cold War , the Western was a strong influence on Eastern Bloc cinema, which had its own take on the genre, the so-called " Red Western " or "Ostern".

Generally these took two forms: either straight Westerns shot in the Eastern Bloc, or action films involving the Russian Revolution and civil war and the Basmachi rebellion.

An offshoot of the Western genre is the "post-apocalyptic" Western, in which a future society, struggling to rebuild after a major catastrophe, is portrayed in a manner very similar to the 19th-century frontier.

Many elements of space travel series and films borrow extensively from the conventions of the Western genre. This is particularly the case in the space Western subgenre of science fiction.

Gene Roddenberry , the creator of the Star Trek series, pitched his show as " Wagon Train to the stars" early on, but admitted later that this was more about getting it produced in a time that loved Western-themed TV series than about its actual content.

More recently, the space opera series Firefly used an explicitly Western theme for its portrayal of frontier worlds. Anime shows like Cowboy Bebop , Trigun and Outlaw Star have been similar mixes of science fiction and Western elements.

The science fiction Western can be seen as a subgenre of either Westerns or science fiction. Elements of Western films can be found also in some films belonging essentially to other genres.

For example, Kelly's Heroes is a war film, but action and characters are Western-like. The character played by Humphrey Bogart in noir films such as Casablanca and To Have and Have Not —an individual bound only by his own private code of honor—has a lot in common with the classic Western hero.

In turn, the Western has also explored noir elements, as with the films Pursued and Sugar Creek. In many of Robert A.

Heinlein 's books, the settlement of other planets is depicted in ways explicitly modeled on American settlement of the West.

For example, in his Tunnel in the Sky settlers set out to the planet "New Canaan", via an interstellar teleporter portal across the galaxy, in Conestoga wagons , their captain sporting mustaches and a little goatee and riding a Palomino horse—with Heinlein explaining that the colonists would need to survive on their own for some years, so horses are more practical than machines.

Stephen King 's The Dark Tower is a series of seven books that meshes themes of Westerns, high fantasy , science fiction and horror.

The protagonist Roland Deschain is a gunslinger whose image and personality are largely inspired by the " Man with No Name " from Sergio Leone 's films.

In addition, the superhero fantasy genre has been described as having been derived from the cowboy hero, only powered up to omnipotence in a primarily urban setting.

The Western genre has been parodied on a number of occasions, famous examples being Support Your Local Sheriff! George Lucas 's Star Wars films use many elements of a Western, and Lucas has said he intended for Star Wars to revitalize cinematic mythology, a part the Western once held.

The Jedi , who take their name from Jidaigeki , are modeled after samurai, showing the influence of Kurosawa. The character Han Solo dressed like an archetypal gunslinger, and the Mos Eisley cantina is much like an Old West saloon.

Meanwhile, films such as The Big Lebowski , which plucked actor Sam Elliott out of the Old West and into a Los Angeles bowling alley, and Midnight Cowboy , about a Southern-boy-turned-gigolo in New York who disappoints a client when he doesn't measure up to Gary Cooper , transplanted Western themes into modern settings for both purposes of parody and homage.

Western fiction is a genre of literature set in the American Old West , most commonly between the years of and The genre's popularity peaked in the s, due in part to the shuttering of many pulp magazines, the popularity of televised Westerns , and the rise of the spy novel.

Readership began to drop off in the mid- to late s and reached a new low in the s. Most bookstores, outside of a few Western states, now only carry a small number of Western novels and short story collections.

Literary forms that share similar themes include stories of the American frontier , the gaucho literature of Argentina , and tales of the settlement of the Australian Outback.

Television Westerns are a subgenre of the Western. When television became popular in the late s and s, TV Westerns quickly became an audience favorite.

As demand for the Western increased, new stories and stars were introduced. The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp was the first Western television series written for adults, [47] premiering four days before Gunsmoke on September 6, The peak year for television Westerns was , with 26 such shows airing during primetime.

Future entries in the genre would incorporate elements from other genera, such as crime drama and mystery whodunit elements.

In the s and s, hour-long Westerns and slickly packaged made-for-TV movie Westerns were introduced, such as: Lonesome Dove and Dr.

Quinn, Medicine Woman. As well, new elements were once again added to the Western formula, such as the Western- science fiction show Firefly , created by Joss Whedon in Deadwood was a critically acclaimed Western series which aired on HBO from through Hell on Wheels , a fictionalized story of the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad , aired on AMC for five seasons between and A number of visual artists focused their work on representations of the American Old West.

American West-oriented art is sometimes referred to as "Western Art" by Americans. This relatively new category of art includes paintings, sculptures, and sometimes Native American crafts.

Initially, subjects included exploration of the Western states and cowboy themes. Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell are two artists who captured the "Wild West" on canvas.

The popularity of Westerns extends beyond films, literature, television, and visual art to include numerous other media forms.

With anime and manga , the genre tends towards the Science fiction Western [e. The story follows racers in a transcontinental horse race, the "Steel Ball Run" race.

Western comics have included serious entries, such as the classic comics of the late s and early s namely Kid Colt, Outlaw , Rawhide Kid , and Red Ryder or more modern ones as Blueberry , cartoons, and parodies such as Cocco Bill and Lucky Luke.

In the s and s, Western comics leaned toward the Weird West subgenre, usually involving supernatural monsters, or Christian iconography as in Preacher.

However, more traditional Western comics are found throughout this period e. Western arcade games , computer games , role-playing games , and video games are often either straightforward Westerns or Western Horror hybrids.

Western radio dramas were very popular from the s to the s. Sixgun first broadcast in , Have Gun—Will Travel first broadcast in , and Gunsmoke first broadcast in Westerns have been showcased in short episodic web series.

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